Chamlee Family 1977

I've been wanting to do some of these for a while, so a departure this month from the really old photos. This is one of a group of photos we had taken by our friend who was attending Brooks Insitute of Photography. I am the one front and center-- wearing my sister's dress that was too big for me. :D I really got a kick out of being just a smidgen taller than my big brother 2 years older than me. It didn't last long. We weren't the most cooperative kids (and we were how old?), so he let us do some fun (monkey in the tree) shots as a reward for holding still. Will be doing a companion page a bit later.


Thanks for looking!

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OH APRIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This layout is BEAUTIFUL. . .


And so is YOUR FAMILY. . .


Apple doesn't fall far from the tree I see, because of your BEAUTIFUL soul I moved on this block. . .



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I love this! The colors are wonderful together and I love the embellishments. What a family treasure!

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