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I'm Blue


©Diane L. Miller [dinny]

I'm Blue

Another photo I've been meaning to scrap.

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Ok, it’s funny to laugh about this one!

You were 4 & Alex was 2. Dad was traveling LOTS. He always seemed to be away when things like this happened. I was having a hard time trying to put Alex down for a nap [as usual]. I finally got her down and you came bouncing up to me “Mom, I’m Blue!” My first thought was that I should probably scold you. But I couldn’t help myself. I was rather tired and I just started laughing. I couldn’t stop. I grabbed the camera thinking Dad has got to see this, because he is not going to believe me.

You were pretending to be Blue [as in Blue’s Clues] and you wanted to look like him. You got the washable [thank goodness] markers and colored your face, lips, arms and legs without looking into a mirror. You did a rather good job getting complete coverage around your face. I think it must have been a brand new marker! Your shirt got a bit blue too, but it washed out ok. You were so proud of yourself! We had a good laugh about it and put you in the tub. The bath water instantly turned a lovely shade of blue.

Alex amazingly never woke from her nap during all of this. You returned to your normal skin color and never tried anything like this again. Alex, on the other hand, gave herself marker chicken pox one time.

    It was so clever of you to hide the lower part of this layout in the newsletter tutorial as you worked on the title. I laughed out loud after the "reveal." This is fabulous!
    This is Fantastic Dinny! I love it!! How FUN She must have been as she grew up :)