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Swap for Bride (Left)

Swap for Bride (Left)

Page two, isn't this just the most gorgeous photo!! It was so much fun working with such great photos.

I used:

And A SG brush that I forgot to write down and now can't locate!

    Your paper choices look amazing with the photos! I have never been to Bryce Canyon ~ must add it to my list!
    Really stunning LO! Love the brushwork.
    WOW, you aren't kidding. That photo is amazing. Lei is such a talented photographer and journalist. I love the way you framed the photo and the colors you chose just make that photo pop. Amazing, Ann!
    This is just gorgeous. That is a wonderful photo and those papers are perfect. I love that brush!
    Ann, I have so admired your layouts you have always done beautiful nature los and I have been so excited to see what you would do with my photos. I really love what you have done. On this page I love the way you lifted the center of the photo and the brush work. You chose the perfect embellishments I am not disappointed !! Thank you so much for this treasure.
    Oh My goodness.....I am so in Awe! Not only for the Photos that Lei took but also your work Ann....God knew what HE was doing when He Created Bryce Canyon!
    Ann you have done just the perfect Lo to show off that wonderful photo!! Lovely work.
    I love the photo placement and the brushwork here. Could that brush be Melissa Renfro's Downtown brush set?
    The photos are gorgeous Ann and the way you split the photo looks fantastic! Love the brushwork too!
    Stunning. Absolutely stunning.