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A Mother's Beauty comes from LOVE!


© Vaughnde

A Mother's Beauty comes from LOVE!

KSC Molly Collection
DMI Torn Edges 1
VRA Classico
Donna B/W Photo: SSoft Dark Velvet, SSoft Porcelain & SSTriple Chisel Frame Scripts
CFR JLC Filmstrips Glossy 1 (Photos Untouched, from 5-29-09 trip to the Coast)
CAC Pinafore, CAC Shishoni Brush Fonts


    oh very pretty V
    you're mom is so beautiful
    I love your color choice :)
    Beautiful, Vaughnde! I love your paper tears. Your photos are wonderful!
    beautiful photo and love how the frame is with the photo
    Oh, V! What a gorgeous LO. Your mother is so beautiful! I love the combo of B/W and color photos together on one page and all the wonderful shades of pink is just perfect!!! BEAUTIFUL!
    The pinks really go well with your mom's beautiful sepia photo!
    I like the torn paper edge.
    What a beautiful heritage to now page! The pinks are so pretty! Lovely.
    OH V this is BEAUTIFUL. . .I want to "take direction" from you. . .The way you honor your mother in this layout, BRINGS TEARS TO MY EYES. . . Your work ALWAYS keeps me in AWE. . .Such beautiful work from SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PERSON. . .
    Beautiful, Vaughnde. You mother is so lovely, and what a wonderful tribute to her.
    Fantastic photo. Looks so good with the pinks you chose!