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Black and white (almost)

My husband's parents in 1947 I think. Journaling: Ken arrived in South Australia as a Barwell Boy in 1922 at 17 years old. His father had died when he was 7. He worked on a mid north property under the Barwell scheme until he was 21. He met Claire in the 30s They married in 1939 and they were employed as teachers until he died in 1950 as the result of an attempt to correct an ankle injury sustained as a farmer.

It has been quite fascinating researching Ken's story but we still do not know a lot.

SNU_CamillesGarden_PaperMini-Ponder.jpg; SNU_CamillesGarden_EmbMini-Vine2.png; SNU_CamillesGarden_EmbMini-Butterfly.png; SNU_CamillesGarden_EmbMini-Trellis.png; MRE_SSEmb_PhotoMasks_Downtown_Frame_Special.png; DEB_Chinoiserie_Emb_Flower2.png SNU_CamillesGarden_EmbMini_Wisteria-Shadow.png; SNU_CamillesGarden_EmbMini_Wisteria.png; SNU_CamillesGarden_EmbMini_VellumEnvelope.png; SNU_CamillesGarden_EmbMini-HandmdPprMatte2.png


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You did a great job on this challenge..I love your photos and the pop of lavender on the black & white.

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I love the metallic frames around the photo and the black/white of Ken and Claire. I also enjoyed reading the journaling...but at this point I think I like the other layout better :)

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Fabulous job on this challenge! Love the photos, the garden gate with the trailing vines, and the pop of purple in the flowers and butterfly. Beautiful!

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I love the touches of purple with this layout. Well done and thanks for joining in on the challenge.

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