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Here is my task #3 for the Re-june-venate challenge.

Items used are in the details and here:


journaling poem reads:

Welcome Me, Adulthood
by Christina Cooper

Welcome me, Adulthood,
I have ventured through
childhood with all the won-
ders and dangers in it.

I have placed my childhood
fantasies aside, and picked
up hopes of becoming who
I want to be.

Embrace me knowledge,
I am ready to know more
and add to what I know already.

I have conquered my fear
of the night, now I only fear
of becoming nothing.

I have stopped pretending to be
what I thought I was going to be,
and realized that I am only
what I make of myself.

I have come down from the land
of make-believe, and I have found
the strength to believe in me.
So when I come upon you,
open your arms, and welcome
me, Adulthood, for I am
headed your way.

    Waiting for the ball game to start, so I decided to go through the latest posts. I do like what you've done here; the framing, the blending, actually all of it.
    This looks fantastic! I love the background paper with the swirls and the matting underneath the photo!
    Wow Rosemary. . It's no wonder YOU NEVER SLEEP. . .Can't believe you DID IT again. . .I want to learn how you did your swirls. . .They are FAB girl just FAB. . .Hugs Debi
    The perspective of the photo is perfect for the theme of the layout.
    That is a super camera angle. Love the florid overlay you used - it's perfect! Beautiful, sentimental layout. love the poem and the placement of it.
    Gorgeous Rosemary!
    :thanks: Beautiful LO, love the background and poem you chose.
    Rosemary, this is a great page! I love the way the photo was taken from below! What a terrific memory page for his album!