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Yet another Baby to Ahhhhhhh Over



Yet another Baby to Ahhhhhhh Over

Tonight DH brought home the announcement of the birth of a baby girl from a co-worker & his wife. He thought it would be nice if I could do a layout from the announcement & have it done by 5:00 AM when he leaves for work. . .Now I'm gonna take that as a "I like your work babe so could you share your talent???" not I know that you JUST finished task # 3, TRIED to keep up with the LSL game & STILL have a HIGH NOON crop to start. . .LOL (it's 1:15 AM here now think I past the high noon time limit???) But I did try "Newbie" and all. I have to say that it wasa little hard to figure out how to crop the picture (kidda at a slant), but I was gonna try. . .
Here's what I can up with an 8x10 so perhaps if they like it they can frame it. . .Hope you enjoy it
Thanks for stopping by. . .

Ps Guess I should have left off the annoucement & used it for the "1 picture" high noon crop huh????

Products I used were

Lace items unknown

    I think this still qualifies as it is one picture used twice. Sometimes it pays to stretch a point... Anyway this is another beautiful lo. I love all the embellishments, particularly the little frock.
    I think you did a great job on this. Especially since you did it in the middle of the night. Maybe you just work well under pressure, because it is adorable.
    Debi, this is stunning. I know the family is going to love it. How precious is that layout? I love your lace and the the little dress is adorable. You do great work girlfriend! I would also not worry about using this as the one photo challenge. The other is an invitation. Use it twice I say! LOL. I've waited to finish a challenge layout for a whole week before. There isn't really a time frame. Just do it when you can. There are no layout police! Hugs.
    Beautiful job, I am sure the family will be very pleased to receive this.
    This is beautiful Debi! WOW!!! I love it!!
    Yep you are right another Ahhhhhhhhhhh moment!!! The recipients are going to LOVE this. And I'm sure your husband does apprieciate your clever talent!!
    AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! That's an understatement! This is gorgeous, cute, and adorable! Your DH's friend is going to love you for this special gift!!!! WOW!!!
    This layout is so beautiful!! What a lovely little girl!! If it were for me, I would definitely frame it and hang it proudly!!