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My New Backsplash

My New Backsplash

I've been meaning to do a LO with a photo of my new backsplash, and since I had on navy blue pj's, now seemed a good time to do it. I bought the tiles in Mexico and carried them home in my carry on luggage. My granddaughter's wonderful husband installed them for me (while we were out of town, which made it even nicer). I love walking into my kitchen every morning and looking at this.

    Lovely backsplash, that would be a beautiful sight in the mornings! Love your flowers and swirls.
    WOW Joyce that is Beautiful! I love your new backsplash!
    You always do such beautiful layouts. . .I LOVE your backsplash. . .Keep the pictures from your house rolling in cause Monkey & I are WAIT'n to see the GUEST BEDROOM. . .LOL

    Monkey did you call the airline to see how much is gonna cost to get to Joyce's house?????

    :oops: Forgot he's all toes when it comes to the phone. . .

    Monkey I'll do it
    Mmmm, it looks good enough to eat, and the embellishments set it off beautifully.