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Together Always - Twins

Wow...two layouts in two days. Yay me! lol

If you can't see it...the clothes pins say "TWINS."

I don't refer to them very often as twins. I guess I was in the mood to do so today.




KSC Beaute Botanique,

KSC AYO Zoom Page Beaute Botanique,

KSC Apothecary Labels Word Art Mini,

SBA Vintage Canvas 6501,

EHI Frayed Edges Brush Set,

BMU Sketch It Action,

SBA Actions Deep Shadows 6501,

BMU Kingdom EMB Staples,

CBA Grunged Metals 4101

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Awesome background sketch of the boys laughing! I like the frayed photo mask too! Very nice!

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I love the sketched look of the photo on the background and the way you "hung" the heart charm on the clothes pin. Just beautiful!

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Charlene this is stunning. I love your photo of the two boys, they clean up real nice, lol. JK. They are handsome young men and I think your background sketch is amazing. I need to try that one day soon. I'll have to add this to my favorites because it's so wonderful. You did a great job on your clipping mask on your photo and your element placement. I think this collection was made for your layout. It really is wonderful.

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Char :having-a-party::worship::welldone4jb: & of course :sign_Congrats_wav:


WTG GO GIRL. . .What an HONOR !!! Your work is so WONDERFUL !!!! Hey you won't forget us "little guys" now that you are FAMOUS & all will you???????

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This is beautifully done Char! The sketch in the background is a perfect touch!

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Charlene this is a beautiful LO and I love how you blended their photo into the background. Great job!

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