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Task #3: Great-Grandchildren

Technique: I used the warp tool (click on the corner when the object is selected with the move tool, then the warp icon on the options bar) and the dodge and burn tools to make the curve look more realistic when I layered the Hearth elements over the very 3-D appearing heart.

Erica Hite Creative Spirit

Erica Hite AYO Zoom Pages Creative Spirit

Erica Hite Creative Spirit styles

Erica Hite Love Always corner flower

Shalae Tippetts Hearth and Hearth Word Art mini

Sarah Batdorf Color Match Shadows (in the Basic Shadows styles)


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So fun. The papers make it very festive, yet the style is a bit funky-heirloom (is that possible?). i loved this photo when I first saw it the other day. This is a treasure!

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Wow, how fun. You did a great job with your dodge and burn on the heart curves. WTG! Don't you love this collection? It's so fun to play with.

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Lovely layout! I just have to say those color match shadows look awesome. lol. Seriously, I've been using the gray ones myself, but you make the color match ones look so good I want to use them again. Thanks.

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