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The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead

This is Aaron just before his high school graduation. He is actually looking for more relatives to arrive, but I love his pose in this photo. He looks like he is contemplating college in Michigan and the future ahead of him.

Where did the time go?

Appropriately enough, all of the kits I used have to do with travel and destinations:
Brandy Murry, Route 19
Shalae Tippets, Cruising
Erica Hite, Destinations

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    Love the arrow pointing on the map! Love this layout...Very cool!
    I like how you used the maps, and the arrow is a really nice touch. Looks great!
    WOW This is Wonderful ML!
    You did an awesome job combining these different kits! Wonderful job on the extraction too. This is very well put together, I especially like the framed road maps with the arrow leading to his destination. Time does fly by too quickly doesn't it...even more so as we get older!