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Zucchini Bread

Zucchini Bread

June 15, 2009

I couldn't resist making a recipe card with the new club KSC_BeauteBotan_Collection. Let me know what you think of it. And try the recipe too :D. It's an awesome bread.


    I'm sure the recipe is great, but oh my goodness, the layout is wonderful !! I had been wondering what to give my sister for her birthday, she loves to cook - perhaps I could give her a little recipe book using your layout as my inspiration. Hmmm, maybe not this year, her birthday is on the 22nd and we're going away next week for a few days and then some visitors arriving when we get back...... :D

    Thanks for posting this - I really love it, and I'll have to try one like it!
    Love it, Rosemary! I especially love the title with the little clothespins! I'm so glad that Keri included that neat alpha in the kit. It looks great how you've placed them this way and that.
    OH Rosemary YOU HAVE OUT DONE YOURSELF WITH THIS ONE. . .THIS IS THE MOST WONDERFUL ONE YET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :clapping_kitty:
    Absolutely beautiful Rosemary! I would never have thought of using this for a recipe card but it is perfect! TYFS
    This is just terrific. It would be fun to bring it to a cookie exchange at Christmas
    Love all the layering, Rosemary. You really used a lot of the club pieces.
    This is Wonderful Rosemary! I wouldn't be surprised if a few of us ran with your idea :D
    This has got to be the fanciest receipe card I've ever seen. Just beautiful.
    I especially like the little hinged frame for the directions.

    It's lovely!
    Rosemary WTG Girlfriend. . .Of course this was choosen to be published !!!! It's a no brainer to have choosen your AWESOME layout !!!!!!
    It is a gorgeous recipe card!
    I love the clothes pins going across the top...and the hanger with the stapled on ribbon pieces...it's all so pretty.