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Task #13: The Cake Mix Caper

Task #13: The Cake Mix Caper

I used Brandy Hackman's tutorial from the university: Chalking around png brush files using the burn tool I think I'll use this technique again and again!
Journaling: Suspect: Michael
Evidence: When I got up this morning, I noticed that Michaelís door was still mostly closed, like it was when we put him to bed last night.
After my shower, I went downstairs and was surprised to see Michael already down there with a large serving spoon and an opened box of cake mix, which he was helping himself to as his breakfast!
Motive: Hunger. He had gotten out of bed, closed his door so it looked like he was still in bed, gone downstairs, used a chair to get into the pantry and get the cake mix (and maybe opened the plastic wrapper by himself), got a spoon, and was eating th ecake mix like it was no big deal.
(as reported by Jeff Thieleke, father of the accused)
Brandy Hackman Not Guilty
Angie Briggs From this Day Forward freebie (cake brush)
Angie Briggs His N Hers (background paper)
Erica Hite Buttons (cupcake stitching)
Erica Hite Love Always (CAKE letters)
Thao Cosgrove Beautiful Distress brush set (used with the burn tool to make the "mat" for the photo)
Ariadna Wiczling Stamp a Date Brush Set
Shalae Tippetts AYO Journaling Card Brush Set
LD Dear Diary and LD Perpetual fonts

    What a delightful LO telling a delightful story!! You have mastered the chalking really well. Great LO!
    What a great layout. Aren't kids great? Thanks for sharing this story.
    Love the layout and the cute story...but my favorite part is how you did the journaling with evidence, motive, etc.! What a clever page and one I may have to borrow for the capers of my youngest. He's into the food snitching, too, and somehow wonders how we always find out!
    Great layout. I really like how the cupcake looks on the page. I will have to try this technique.
    I LOVE THIS I LOVE THIS I L-O-V-E THIS !!!! Too funny (ROFLOL here) the story. . .the story. . .OH HOW I LOVED THAT STORY !!!!!!

    Your layout is wonderful (sorry still laughing & can't think now) & the "suspect" is too cute for words. . .

    PS Monkey & I love a gal with a sense of humor. . .Come on over & play at my house will ya??????
    :rofl: Cheri, too too funny! Great job using several different fonts/alphas; very creative with the journaling; and must go back and visit SGU to check out this technique. Looks like something I need to add to my bag of tricks.
    Excellent page...love all the elements. You did a great job with your tutorial piece. I'm gonna have to try this one. Love it! Such a great story to share as well.

    Nice job! Adorable LO making the "crime report"! This is definitely one for the history books! I can almost hear the Law and Order theme in the background!
    Love it! What a wonderful story. Love the caught red handed, lol.
    What an absolutely delightful story and such a creative way to preserve it! Love the hand print.