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Ode to "Wolfie"



Ode to "Wolfie"

This is a page I made this afternoon moments after learning that our friends beloved "wolfie" had died. . .Made the layout (8x10) then placed into a frame for the family. . .He was their "baby" for 10 yrs & his death was not expected. . .Please check message board for my post on WHAT EVERY DOG PARENT SHOULD KNOW for info on how to help stop this from happening to anyone else. . .

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    What a sweet, heartfelt gift you have made, Debi. bless you for doing this for your friends. I am sorry for their loss. This is lovely.
    How sweet of you to do something so beautiful and quickly for this grieving family! This is a very precious LO and they will cherish it and you for giving something from your heart! Such a beautiful dog!
    What a wonderful friend you are! That is a really sweet thing to do. Darling page, I'm sure they will love it. So sorry to hear about them losing their dog. Who knew dogs and bees didn't get along well.
    Yes, what a sweet gift for your friends. So sorry for their loss. I'm sure they'll appreciate this beautiful effort.
    This is Beautiful Debi! Bless you for blessing them!

    This is Beautiful Debi! Bless you for blessing them!

    "Paying it forward" My dear friend said that to me recently & I hope shes knows I listened. . .
    What a lovely tribute you created. I am so sorry about your friends loss and my heart goes out to them.
    Sudden loses like this are very difficult to handle but this will be a very special tribute to helping your friends come to terms with their loss Debi. Lovely thought from you.
    What a sweet thing to do ... really cute embellies that are perfect for your LO.
    OH, Debi, somehow I missed this earlier, how sad for your friends to be going through this. Your layout is sure to help them feel better knowing you took the time to make this precious gift for them. Your Layout is so sweet. I love how you put it together. You are a dear for making it for them.