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That's funny



That's funny

After seeing so many all-about-me pages, I've been inspired to make my own. My birthday was several months ago but I'm still coming to *grips* about turning 40. -lol- Another inspiration for the colors is a print about turning 40 by artist Anne Taintor. Her stuff cracks me up!

Used papers 15 ('40') and 16 (background) from Thao Cosgrove's Earthen Vessel Paper Biggie; Diane Miller's Sage Brushes; Carrie Stevens' Get Funky frame; fonts SBC Distressed Typewriter, Selfish, ExtraOrnamentalNo2.

Used Microsoft Picture It! Express 7.0 and photo editing in MSN mail. LOL (Gotta get me some *real* tools).


    Oooh, I love these colors and the brushes and frames you've used. So expressive.

    I love how you framed it and the brushes add the perfect finish! I like!!
    I love the colors you've chosen and the way you've laid everything out. I hope you don't mind if I "borrow" it. :)
    i love how you dissolved the picture of yourself and the journalling is cute!
    Love the photo treatment and those brushes are sooo cool :disappearing-smilie:
    BEAUTIFUL LO!!!! Forty it's so bad and you don't look forty......
    What a beautiful LO! I think you did an awesome job here. The brush work is marvelous and the bright colors, just perfect.
    Very cool layout! Love the colors, the frame and how you used the brushes!

    I don't "feel" 40 either and I've been there for a few years, wonder what it does feel like????
    great page!
    Great!! I didn't feel 40.. and I will tell you a secret. You won't feel 50 when you hit it either!