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Cotton Candy Cloud Day (revised)

Cotton Candy Cloud Day (revised)

Well in haste to get this up in a some what timely manner. . .I didn't see that I miss spelled "Cotton". Those of you that chat with me will insert chuckle yes Debi we KNOW you can't spell HERE. . LOL & I am grateful that you were all so sweet & didn't mentioned it to me. . .But next time it's okay plez tell me. . .


Well then the nightmare began. . .I posted in the chat section of mb that I had caught my boo boo & would try to fix it. . .WELL did I mention "NIGHTMARE" yes in process I lost the WHOLE THING. . .Even your lovely comments so I AM SO SORRY. . .My daddy use to say "You're not TRYING if you aren't making MISTAKES" so Daddy you should be proud. . .LOL. . .But the rainbow here is that I hadn't yet thrown my handwritten list of supplies so at least I don't have to go back & hunt & pick thru all my folders AGAIN !!!


Items used are:




DBA Bow 2 a (2)




unknown font


© ©

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This is Gorgeous Debi and I love the revision :D


Yes you love the fact that I really can spell I JUST CHOSE NOT TO. . .LOL

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Who would have thought to look to the clouds for cotton candy! How clever you are and those are beautiful colors in those cloud photos.

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Oh, Debi, what a fiasco to lose everything you were working on. Good thing you had your supply list. I did that once, and hope I never do again! Love your cotton candy cloud photos. Beautiful sky in a lovely layout.

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That was a touch of genius using clouds for the challenge. What do you use to produce your works of art? Is it PS or PSE or something else? I use PSE7 and I always save mine as a PSE document before I create a jpeg. Then I copy the details of the items used straight from the layers bin at the side. it makes them much easier to keep track of. I even record the style names there when I can, as well as the font details.

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This is just gorgeous. I love the colors that you chose, they go so well with the photos. Love that diamond paper and that bow. Great layout and great photos.

I love to cloud watch also.

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