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On the Move


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On the Move

Got an email from my daughter one day a few weeks ago with some photos of Emily lying sideways across her cot, with the comment, "I didn't put her down this way!!" Very soon afterwards I got some more showing Emily upside down, and confirming she was most definitely on the move ... even if it was while no one was looking!! :D TFL

Products used:
MRE_WellLoved_Emb_Special_Frame – reshaped to square
EHI_BouncBabyGirl – paper re-colored
Butterfly lines – my own

Techniques used:
• ‘move’ letters – hue/saturation; colorize; hue-205; saturation-25
• edges – hue/saturation to lightest setting then as above; if that doesn’t work then set hue/sat at 205/25 then adjust lightness which is what I needed to do this time
• joined the inked edges corner and straight to make the page border
• created butterfly lines with a circle shape, short pencil lines in various number combinations and lines
• thought I had some stitching but couldn’t find it, so made some butterfly trails with the pencil in pse … may be a bit thick

    Love the LO, Isa. Wasn't Emily just born yesterday? Or just the day before? Wow! Next thing you know she'll be going out the door on her first date! Thanks for sharing.
    Oh I love this LO. It is so precious.
    Wow, I'm imressed with the detail you were able to keep track of. I get so wrapped up in creating I forget how I got to the end :D. Thanks for reminding me about what is in the Refresh 2 kit. I really like how you did the title and the journaling. Very effective on the B/W photo.