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KO Acorn Squash Soup June Recipe Swap

KO Acorn Squash Soup June Recipe Swap

Scrap goals met with this challenge: use a template, use brushes; use this month's Scrap Simple Club; explore the filters.

I love the texture brush that gave me the look of fabric and the Gaussian blur around the edges of the lace. I just played with layers and layers with opacity and color being different on each layer, and then applying different filters until I had the lace the way I liked. I created each line of the recipe on a separate layer so I could fit the text around the curved shape. I blended, blurred and flipped 3 different copies of my little border strip to make it into one long one. I enlarged the original little strip photo until it filled the curved shape adjusting the position until I liked it and then clipped it to the curved shape layer. The best part was being able to use the color picker to get my background and my lace to match the squash colors.

With PSE7 ...
SNU SS Paper Template Lovely Lace
ABR SS Card Template Cook It Recipe Card
AWI Dynamic Brush Textured: Fabric
Fonts: Clarence and Oily

    Kay you did a wonderful job on your recipe card. I love all the blending and colorizing you did to make it match your squash. I love squash soup. You reminded me of a squash soup recipe that I have somewhere and absolutely love. Hope it's still there since my computer crashed. LOL. Great card. I love it.
    Sounds great Kaye! I love the way you played with the textures. Don't forget to email me a full resolution copy of the card so we can include it in the swap! sgdanna@gmail.com.
    This is a must try recipe . . . sounds yummy! You certainly were creative with the different filters. They are all still pretty much a mystery to me but your recipe card gives me incentive to try a few. Thanks.
    Great card, Kay! You did alot of techniques here. Not to mention a delicious recipe... Brushes!! I've got to learn!
    You certainly put alot of work into this card and it looks great! Keep playing, it's the bast way to learn. Isn't it nice that this practicing is so much fun too! The recipe sounds good and I'm always looking for good soup recipes. TFS
    Great job on matching the colors of the squash on the card. Very pretty card.