My Father My Friend

Re-JUNE-venate Task 18:

This is a LO about DS and DH. I found this poem (no author's name given) on the internet andtook a bit of creative liberty to rephrase it a bit. It describes their relationship to a tee. I couldn't be more proud of both of them and the respect, care, and admiration they have for each other as fathers, as professional colleagues, and as friends.


The photo is from the summer of 1977 - remember the men and their "fros" :); DS was about a year and a half old. We were talking a walk out into the pasture to find a nice shady spot for an afternoon picnic. The main technique I used was to extract DS/DH creating several layers to give the appearance of them walking down the road symbolic of life. I even have a layer with just their shadows so make it look more realistic.


With PSE7 ...

ASO Alluring Autumn

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Oh, Kay, I love how your journaling fades into your photo with your wonderful extracted photo's lining up on the walk. That is so cool. What a wonderful poem you found to say what you wanted it to. Very sweet layout!

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What a great poem you found to add to this page! I like how you also added three of the same photo to make it look like they are walking along toward us.

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Super creative idea to have multiple copies of them walking down the path on the page! LOVE it!

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This so sweet! You've been very busy!

I love this, it's such a great idea to create the layers so that they look like they're walking down the path.

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