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Be Yourself

Be Yourself

And here is DS present day all grown up now playing principal trombone in the Boston Symphony Orchestra. The photo is part of a series taken by Michael Lutch and used in an interview article in the International Trombone Journal written by and about Toby.

As you have probably noticed from my LOs I'm fascinated with Word Art. I have always loved words and have great fun playing with them on my LOs to create different effects, moods, or ideas. I saw a similar prompt in a journaling book I have from when I taught writing to middle school kids and thought this would be a fun one to play with all the different fonts I've been finding.

With PSE7 ...
photo courtesy of Michael Lutch
Fonts: way too many to remember and list :)
LCO Inked Edges

    This layout is wonderful. I love your word art; it inspires me to do more in that direction. I'm sure you are very proud of your son, as you should be. It seems to me that is quite an achievement at his age.
    Wonderful layout, love the photo and all the word art. You must be so very proud of your son.
    This is beautiful. You did a great job with the word art.
    Great LO. Very cool photo. Your word art with its eclectic feel fits just perfectly. What a cool thing to be the mom of the Principal Trombonist for the BSO! Sure makes all those years of lessons seem worth it - lol! We laugh about the many years of my brother's 5 AM practice sessions on his upright bass. Nothing like groans of a bass and the thumping of the pizzicato sections to wake you up in the morning! It was all worth it. He's a fabulous musician and supporting himself with his music.

    But I digress. Great LO. TFS!
    Love this! Of course as a musician, married to a musician how could I not love it! The word art is fabulous! I've been wanting to try more of this myself and you are inspiring me. TFS
    Fabulous, Fabulous, Fabulous!!!!! I love your word art Kay! Congratulations on having a son in the BSO!
    Kay this is fabulous. Just love the word art and how you have kept it in B&W.
    What a cool photo and layout. Your word art is very eye-catching!
    I absolutely love the different fonts and the "look" of your LO, you must be so proud, musicians amaze me I wish it was a talent I had!