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sand art

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what fun we had playing with sand art outside. Still experimenting with this grunge/shabby look.


journaling: I couldn’t find a babysitter for all of you this summer, so I invented Bitsy. When Bitsy was here: we played, did crafts, had picnic lunches outside & had a great time. When she wasn’t: I worked. If you behaved: Bisty stayed. If you didn’t: Mrs. Greenwald [said in gruff voice] would have to come. You never wanted Mrs. Greenwald [she’s just like Viola Swamp]. Today we brought the sand outside and made sand art pictures. I was so glad I found Bitsy that day.

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the glasses?


Photoshop! I made quick mask of the glasses on a copy of the photo. Added a layer mask to keep the colorized portion. I desaturated the original photo and played with curves/levels to get the black and white to look just right.


TIP: always use a layer mask in Photoshop when cropping a photo. It allows you to go back and make changes. If you delete the masked area it's gone for good!

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