Love to Dance

I made this during the "Stunning 3D Text" class. What a wonderful class!! I learned so much!! And Jene is a SPECTACULAR teacher!! She really went out of her way to help me!


I had to learn several new techniques to fix this photo before I could make it work. My DD had only one hand in this picture..the other was "cut off" by the edge, so I cloned her one hand and then rotated it and used layer masks to blend it. I did the same with her costume, which had the edges similarly cut off. And speaking of layer masks....I think I finally understand!! What terrific a terrific tool!! I also used layer masks to extract DD, to create the background, and to make the letters look grounded in the grass.


I used VRA Avalon Collection, VRA I am Inspired collection, and TCS Naturescape Collection.


Thanks so much for looking!

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Isn't it a wonderful feeling when you learn some new techniques. You've made a really good job of cloning the hand and costume. And as for layer masks...I couldn't be without them!!


You've made a magical layout for your daughter. :)

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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rose Ann this is worthy of submitting for publication and I wouldn't be surprised if its showcased in a newsletter one of these days. GORGEOUS! You did good my Friend!

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