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My Garden Peony

I took some photos out in our backyard the other day and the peonies were in full bloom.













Black Chauncery, Chauncery Cursive

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Oh, lovely, Rosemary! I have a real weakness for Peonies and got back from Ireland on Friday, expecting mine to be in bloom. But it seems the weather was dreadful while we were away, with high winds and constant rain, and many of my buds were damaged or mushy, I've had to snip them off.


Really nice picture, and layout! :)

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Very pretty flower. I miss having color in my gardens. My two fairly new dogs are yet in the puppy stage and have torn EVERYTHING up for two seasons now. I have no landscaping whatsoever unless mulch counts. :) Dreadful!

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What a gorgeous photo and you've shown it off so nicely with the neutral background with touches of pink/red from the flower.

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Love how you've used just a hint of the picket fence in the background to edge the photo. The butterflies add a light touch to the full bloom of the peony. The ribbon wrap is a nice balance also. Very pretty. But where are the ants????

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Oh Rosemary, what a beautiful peony! Such precious colors. Love the way you have the hardness capture with the picket fence and yet softness in your photo edges ... and of course, I saw those two little butterflies so light on their feet. :D Great journaling.

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