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Hand and Hand

Hand and Hand

This is the companion page to “I Love You Mommy” and it reads:
“My world before me is perfect
There’s nowhere else I’d rather be
You help me feel protected
Hand and hand, you and me.”

I’m certain this is how my grandson must feel about his mother!

KSC_Beaute Botanical

    This is fabulous!
    Beautiful. I love your journaling.
    Lovely. I especially love the extraction and the embellishment cluster at the left.
    Beautiful -- the close-up of the extracted hands and the journaling are powerfully moving, and I love the colors.
    Everything about this is beautiful. Wonderful job.
    Fabulous page! I especially love the feeling of depth you achieved.
    Ohhhh Joyce another gorgeous layout for a gorgeous little boy. Having watched Baby Nicholas's albums develop over the last couple of months I'm in awe of what a beautiful little man you have there. He looks such a darling and it's lovely to see the obvious enjoyment he gives to you. Fab layout - Composition perfect as always. Amazing extraction technique. This kit is beautfiul too.. I've been umming and arrring for a while about joining yet another monthly club but your series of layouts have decided it finally I'm off to become a scrapgirl club member too!
    This is Absolutely Fabulous Joyce! I LOVE the extraction of Nicolas and the quote you used.
    Beautiful work! I love the three little roses under the quote, they are perfect.
    Everything about this layout is beautiful! I especially love the perspective of the photo and how the hands are featured.