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Playing B-Ball

Playing B-Ball

My oldest son (13yrs) LOVES basketball. This LO was a great way for me to get multiple photos on one page. He loves it when I work on pages for him. He was sitting next to me the entire time!! So fun!

MST Hoops kit
TKA Basketball kit
SNU Style Sanded Edges Black
EHI Style Fabric (applied to the Basketballs. I liked the added texture)
AWI Dynamic Brush Dashed Arrows
Jamie Lee_yeartemplate


    This is so fun! I really like all the photos around the edge and the fact they they are skewed. The basketball coming across the page is a great touch.
    I agree with Trish! This is A FUN Page! I LOVE what you did with the basketballs and your son's name on his shirt. Looks like he's having a BLAST!!