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Multnomah Falls Right

Multnomah Falls Right

For Re-JUNE-venate Task 28 ... After getting to know our cameras better in Task 26, exploring possible SG products/collections that might work with those photos for Task 27, our new task was to scrap a LO using the photos from the experimental settings shoot with one or more of those SG products/collections.

Camera in hand, we spent the afternoon hiking the trail to the top of Multhomah Falls - a nice change from hiking our hill every day.

With PSE7 ...
BMU Mossy Collection Biggie
LCO Brushes: Grunged Flowers

    Kay you make beautiful layouts. This is so lovely. I love the frames you chose to go around your photos, and the floral border with the brushes is really cool.

    p.s. it didn't say we had to use one of the collections from #27, we were joking in the re-JUNE-venate chat about wishing she would have told us to do that :). I don't have any of the collections that I mentioned in #26. LOL.
    Kay this is fabulous and caught my eye straight away. what an amazing walk and love the frames used--it looks like you are peeking throught the bush to enjoy this fabulous view.
    I absolutely LOVE your Frames!!! Rosemary is right...I didn't get the Farmer's bounty or any of my shopping done yet. Will do that on Tuesday...but I did use Thao's Naturescape for mine :)
    Beautiful layout and blending work! This kit looks wonderful with your photos too.
    This page is lovely also. You did a really great job on this double layout.
    The falls are breathtaking! You certainly did them justice with your layout!!