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Materials listed with spread.


Colorado Springs to Denver, Colorado


The kids are “wired”! They have been mostly cheerful, with little or no squabbling. David is talking a mile a minute, and Sean is eager to start the trip activities—even the homework his teacher gave him.


The weather is cool & rainy on this evening, and feels pleasant. A friend drove us here this evening, and we had a nice drive. Mark and I feel like we barely finished preparations, and aren't totally sure we're ready -- although I think you're never really ready.


It's sort of hard to believe – we're really going around the world!

Denver, Colorado to Newark, New Jersey

and on to London, England


Still raining and cool in Denver. Everything should turn green now – we've needed this rain.


Sean was up at 6:15 a.m. and ready to go. He made it to the hotel breakfast area by 6:35. David woke up slower, but by the time we boarded the shuttle to Denver International Airport, he was “revved up”, telling everyone about our trip. D.I.A. is light and airy, even in the rain, with its tent roof. We left a little late, but had a smooth flight in brilliant sunshine in Newark. The airport there has a monorail connecting the terminals; the kids, of course, had to ride it (like the trains at D.I.A.) The monorail turned out to be not operational, and was still being tested, so no luck riding it.


We boarded a Boeing 777 for London. It seemed to fly more crisply than any other big plane I've ridden on. The big appeal for the kids was that there are televisions in the back of every seat, so they had their own private TV, with a selection of channels. We tried to get them to sleep, but even with their TVs off, the ones nearby got their attention. The kids couldn't/wouldn't sleep on the plane, until 15 minutes before landing at Heathrow.


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What a wonderful way to tell the story. I love your journaling and the stamp is such a great idea.

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