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Kitty Kat Faces

Kitty Kat Faces

Finally finished it.

Supplies used: All papers and elements are from TCS Creative Cat Collection

Software used: PSE5

    They are so cute, no wonder why you spoil them! I think this is sweet and will make for a great desktop. I really like the heart shaped framing you did on their photos, it just says sweetly "Mommy loves you"! :)
    Love the kitty faces in the hearts! Great layout!
    What a bunch of cuties! Great desktop!
    Oh how CUTE! They are a bunch of Cuties!!! I love this too :)
    This is so cute. Aren't our little pets wonderful.
    Awww, they are so sweet and beautiful! Your layout looks great with the heart shaped "frames." Thank you for using Creative Cat! :wub:
    Very sweet desktop, Carol. Those kittys are so cute and I love how you brushed away the heart to frame their faces and the use of the cat paper on the bg.
    CAROL !!!!! awe...........What's your address Monkey & I'll BE RIGHT OVER !!!!!! WANT TO PLAY WITH "FURBABIES" YEP !!!!!!!! I DO !!!!!!!

    Carol this is as CUTE as your "workers" next door layout was FUNNY !!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE did I mention LOVE the hearts. . .

    What a "awe" moment !!!!!!!!