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Let your light ...

Let your light ...

Going back to my original intent at the beginning of 2009, I am focusing on one aspect of the "fruit of the Spirit". This month, "Goodness".

Several summers ago we vacationed on Beaver Island. This is a picture of their harbor lighthouse. I wish I could say I took this picture - but I did not, yet I don't know who to credit. Other products used include:


    Very nice desktop design and what a wonderful verse to see every day.
    This lovely. I know you will enjoy seeing that every day, and being inspired by that bible verse.
    Oh that is gorgeous! the light coming out of the dark!!

    Very inspiring~ It caught my eye right away..gorgeous!
    Wow, that photo really caught my eye, I'm sure you would have taken it if you'd have been there, LOL. I love the framing and your bg on this beautiful layout. How wonderful to focus on the fruits of the spirit one at a time. I love the fonts you used too. Gorgeous.
    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE this Lei!! You got a good picture there!