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Task #23: On the Farm

After lunch at the church, Mom and we stopped at the cemetary to pick up flowers, then joined the others on the farm. We are so blessed to have great-grandparents still living on their own farm. Everyone chipped in on the outdoors spring cleaning while the children played (and I made sure they didn’t get in too much trouble). Nicholas and Michael make quite the pair. They “drove” the lawn mower and all climbed the gate and went off on a pasture adventure.

Amanda McGee Country Garden

Paula Wright Thankful Collection (never used before)

Melissa Renfro Downtown Photo Masks

Shalae Tippetts Hearth and Hearth Word Art Mini

Brandy Murry Route 19 (newspaper flourish) (never used before)

Ariadna Wiczling SSTools Actions Warped (to make the newspaper conform to the cardboard background)

Sarah Batdorf Color Match Shadows styles

LD Dear Diary font

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Cheri how cool is this!!! That journal book looks great and the little added words here and there are so interesting and those photos I just want to jump into them and join the children in their adventures! Really nice work!!

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I just love the old, heritage look to this LO!! And then coupled with the darling photos of the kids having their adventure. You feel like you're right behind them, sharing it with them. Wonderful job!

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Well you really out did yourself on this one..it is Super Fantastic! Love the pictures and the Farm title..clever girl!

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Who knew a farm layout could be so gorgeous! This should end up in the newsletter for sure, it's amazing!!! LOVE the photos of the kids climbing over the fence, and walking through the pasture. Your word art and title are Tom T Terrific!!! (sorry your journaling is just too small for me to read it, but I'm sure it's as fantastic as the rest of your layout) lol. :toot: This should be shouted from the rooftops. I love this!!!

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