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Task #28: Geocaching

Task #28: Geocaching

Team Adventure Hound made the rounds of several caches in the Black Hills. Michael brought his favorite hound, Little Mouth, along to the Boulder Hill Fire Lookout Cache. This was to remain Jeff’s and my favorite that we also visited in 2002. An uphill hike followed by a fun and challenging rock climb. We actually made it up with all the kids! Little Mouth proudly shows off that he made it too. I even found the cache this time -we took turns attempting each cache. Christopher really got into the searches as well.
Cherise Oleson Geocache Collection Mini
Theresa Kavouras Treasure Hunters
Melissa Renfro Doubles Lifted photo templates
Durin Eberhart Rock styles
Sarah Batdorf Color Match shadow styles
gentle redhead and grace fonts

I tried the back button focus, exposure lock focus, and a couple other settings on various of these photos. I like the results but probably need to read up on exactly what and when etc;)

I have Sarah Batdorf's deep shadows actions but fiddled with my own warped shadows this time and was pleased with my results. I also skewed the www.geocaching.com sign I put on the top of the ammo box so it would look more realistic!

These photos are from our vacation we just got back from:)

    Cheri, this is such a fun layout. I bet you had a blast geocaching with your family. I love that you included photos of your son and his puppy. Did he man the phones? LOL. It's wonderful!
    You really put together this wonderful memory well! I love it.