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Beach House

from today's tutorial.



ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: All Stitched-Circles, Straight Biggie

Brush Set: Go Green

ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Reels

ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Letterpress

ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Just Dotty



Each summer, Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop would rent a beach house for the month after Labor Day, in Ocean City, NJ. The beaches were empty and the water was nice and warm. The boardwalk would still be open & the rides were all running. We would visit for four days, that seemed to be our limit (and Mom-Mom’s too). This was the year Alex was 9 months old. We all remember it as the summer Alex would NOT sleep at all. Dad tried driving her around the block at 4am until she fell asleep. He was afraid he was going to get pulled over by the cops for casing the neighborhood because he would slowly circle the block over & over again. Alex would wake up screaming. We tried all the usually things, but nothing kept her quiet. It may have been that noisy pack-n-play, who knows. We do know that nobody got much sleep while we were there. During the day however, it was great! The adults were a bit tired, but the kids didn’t seem to mind. Jacki REALLY enjoyed having the cousins there. Pop-Pop would bring the kite, we would build castles, look for shells and eat grapes at the beach. We all miss those beach house days [but not the sleepless nights]! – September 1997–


© ©Diane L. Miller [dinny]

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Dinny, this was fabulous in the Newsletter today and thank you for the awesome tutorial as well. Now I have some more things on my wish list from the boutique, LOL. I love the yellow and white together and all of your circle designs are fantastic! Most importantly those kids in the photos are adorable!

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Dinny, What a beautiful memory you have made for all to keep forever! I love the circle frames around the border with your story down the side. Great job!

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