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Crockpot Lasagna

Thanks to Kim {KBT} for sharing this recipe on the MB! I told my grandma about it and she asked for a copy.


Rather than write it up "by hand," I grabbed Brandie's templates from the Boutique to spice it up :-). The font is larger than I would prefer, but she has really bad eyesight now, so I made it as large as I could without overpowering everthing else. I've printed it, now I just need to get it in the mail to her.


Mats should be in Details (if I've done that correctly).


© &copy 2009 Michele Cresmen

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How great that you accommodated her by using the large print! Great layout and photos!

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How Sweet to make this for your grandmother. I'm sure she will really enjoy the wonderful recipe you made for her. I love the tomatoes used as points before your ingredients and directions. Super clever and looks so good! Good enough to eat even. Thanks to you and to Kim for sharing it. I love your photos too. They help see what the different steps to the recipe are too. Great job.

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