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070409 Saturday Color Challenge AHQ 1

I celebrated the 4th of July Weekend following the usual holiday tradtions we're all so familiar with, but I also celebrated the dedicated soldiers who fight tirelessly and bravely so we might continue to have our celebrations of freedom and indepence by quilting 3 quilts for the American Hero quilt Project.


With PSE7 ...

BMU country Red: stitching

TYO 1776: Patch and stars

USC Redwork Quilt: stitched label

VRA Styles Jelly 2101

SNU Styles Sanded Black 6302

Loopy Stars paper by me

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This is Beautiful Kay! I've been through Sisters (on my way back from Bend in 2008 and I like that quaint town!

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What a beautiful quilt! Thank you for taking the time to quilt these. I know the soldiers really appreciate it!

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