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Honey Lime Chicken

Honey Lime Chicken

Oh, this is an awesome recipe. Thought I'd share Rachel Rays recipe with you all.

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Recipe~Rachel Ray
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    YUM...I'm just learning to cook with lime althought I'm not crazy over lime itself :)
    Oh gosh this sounds positively delicious Rosemary! I love cumin and cilantro. I will definitely be trying this recipe. Love the recipe card too, especially the background paper. I also love all the different fonts and how you used the stitching for your journal lines. Very lovely job!
    Oh, hmm... i gotta try this. We love lemon chicken, i bet we will love lime chicken!!!
    I have to try this one! Sounds yummo! Love the stitched lines.
    Sounds delicious. Love the colors and the stitched lines.