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Grandpa Barnes

Grandpa Barnes

This is my grandfather as a baby, circa 1910. All you Mom's out there - how old do you think he is?

I made an old sepia tint photo black & white, then put some semi-transparent color on top. I actually under stated the color of his hair - it should have been much brighter. I will work on it. I cut and rejoined the BNU lacy paper so I could make the proportions match the photo.

If the journaling isn't readable, it says:
This is actually my Grandpa Barnes, 1910ish. Red started as a bench hand and went on to become a manager. He was a jokester and loved to have the latest technology.

I used:
AWI Gaia 12x12 Green Damask3 (I altered the color to match the baby's dress)
Scrapbook Flair Affair of the Heart Shabby Birthday collection.

Layout created with GIMP

    Left you some love in the Saturday Color Challenge...but I'll post it here too. This is Fabulous and I think your grandpa is about 2 years old :)
    Love the layout and my guess is that your grandpa was about one year old in this photo. I'm not good with ages, but that is my guess. Love that background and what a wonderful frame you used to show off the photo.

    Great job Pat.