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Sewanee Tigers

Kit: Sandy Getaway by Coreen Silke; School Zone by Brandy Murry

Brushes: Grungelle by Brandie Valenzuela

Overlay: Nancy Rowe Janitz Inked Edges

Fonts: Cooper Standard, Century Gothic

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That is just a priceless photo! Love the black and white against that lovely blue background. And the simplicity of it all...I'm a BIG fan of simplicity and this layout shows why. It's just gorgeous!

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Sweet photo of your team there!!! :bouncing-frog: <----------we don't have a tiger! Guess I could make it a :cat_sleeping::lol: Love the color of your bg and the little water droplets you added are so cute too. Great job!

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Love it. Simple is always good with me and this is wonderful. Great photo and I love the drops on the BG. Nicely done and TFS!

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