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10 Things

10 Things

Scenic Route by Angie Briggs
Fonts are Milk & Cereal and Gill Sans MT

1. Home
2. Family
3. Good Food
4. Love
5. Computer
6. Hi-Speed DSL
7. Ice-Cream
8. Pizza
9. Air-Conditioning
10. Pampered Chef Ice-Cream scoop

    This is beautiful! I love the mixture of the b/w photos with the color photo. Beautiful clustering of flowers too!
    I love this. We all need to think every day about the wonderful things we have, and you have shown us in this lovely layout. Thanks for sharing.
    I loved this on FB and I still love it now! Love your Couch! Its awesome!
    3 cheers for all of those things!!
    Great concept, great layout!
    What a great list and fabulous layout to display it - everything looks well loved & cozy. Love it Amy!

    Love the way you did this.....I have had a "To Do" list for a long time and this kind of LO is on it....GREAT !!!