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Summer Sun means lots of bare bums

Summer Sun means lots of bare bums

Well in my house it does. The boys are just like me sunseekers but no I don't run round in the nuddy like they do all summer!! Hee hee. Another amazing kit from Brandy - Squirt - I'm sure I'll get alot of use of this when summer finally arrives!!.

BMU Squirt
Galiscrap Airmarin
Kristen Rice and Fruit loop Sally Serene Island.
Photoshop CS3


(White blob added to preserve modesty :rolleyes: )

    Oh my! This is so cute Sonia! Nothing cuter than a little bare bum!

    Love this kit! I love how you have the ribbon circling the tush :D Very clever!

    Great work as usual.
    OMG!!! That is too cute! I am laughing so hard here...oh goodness!
    too cute....
    Just too cute!!! Great job.
    TOO CUTE!!!