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Word Art Challenge


© Wendee Pease

Word Art Challenge

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I was searching for just the right picnic photos when I realized I hadn't scrapped these photos from July of 2006. Thanks for the challenge so I had a reason to work on these old photos. :)

Journaling reads:
We were having our annual Bingham family picnic/bbq at the cabin when all of a sudden a moose came running through the swing set and past the picnic tables. It stopped and stared at us and then went on itís way.
p.s. I didnít edit itís eyes.

(I put in the p.s. because when you look at the full size version the moose's eyes look really bugged out like it was startled, and my husband probably wouldn't believe that the moose just looked that way. I didn't even sharpen the images because I wanted to be able to say that I didn't edit them.)

    Very nice. I like the alteration from the quote. I've never seen a live moose. I may have to go visit where you found this one.
    Neat layout, and what a neat experience. Thanks for sharing.
    I just laughed when I read your journaling and titlework! That must have been such a surprise. How lucky to capture that on camera too. Very pretty layout!
    oh Wendee this is Fabulous! Musta been quite startled but I'm glad you grabbed the camera!
    It was startling, but what was really funny was I already had the camera in my hand. I was taking a picture of them and all of a sudden they all started looking away. When I said, "hey you need to look at me" they told me there was a moose so I snapped a shot of them staring at the moose and then snapped a couple of the moose. It was funny, but I was glad when it went on it's way.

    Thanks for the compliments! It was fun to make!
    I love your layout! I'd love to see a moose, but not that close up. I love the placement of your journaling!
    LOL what a great guest to your picnic - wonderful artwork and layout!!!
    Okay, this is hilarious. I love that you were able to juxtapose the expressions on your family's faces with those bugged out eyes on the moose. Who was more surprised? And the paraphrase of the quotation is great too -- all round wonderful LO! Made me laugh.
    So I'm wondering was it mustard on his hot dog??????Posted Image Posted Image
    Wonder which is worse - a bear or a moose? LOL Great layout - loved seeing it.