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A boy and his dog. What more can I say?

Take Wing Collection Biggie
Assemble Your Own Zoom Pages: Take Wing
Assemble Your Own Zoom Pages: Well Loved
ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Off The Wall - Torn
Textured Cardstock Mega Pack 1
Font- Batik

    Precious, precious, precious!!! Those dogs have got to have one of the cutest heads around!

    Nice LO and a darling memory.
    This is SO SO SO Precious Elisha! I LOVE the photo and how you made it into a circle!
    Ohhh my! Love this! Use of white space and you are right...a boy and his dog...that is so special in itself nothing else has to be said.

    This is so cute Elisha! Such a darling photo too!
    I love the use of the brown background. I can just see the two of them out romping around outside. TFS
    I like the simplicity !! very well done! I lifted it too!!