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Seeing Santa

Seeing Santa

I used the following products:
Flake Flurry Collection Mini
Painted Cardboard Paper Biggie
ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: All Buttoned Up Biggie
Golden Memories Collection Biggie
Day to Day Life Collection Biggie
Playtime Collection Biggie
RetroActive - All Boy Collection Mini
Doodle Dandy Collection Biggie
Lettering Delights Slender Font
ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Lifted Photos - Doubles Biggie
Fit To Be Tied Embellishment
Brush Set: Cookbook Stains Biggie
ScrapSimple Tools - Actions: Edge It PSE 5001
ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Felt 5201
Brush Set: Acrylic Stroke Biggie 1
Dynamic Brush Set: Paintstroke 5401

Megan and Jared were so excited to see Santa Claus. They waited in line for what seemed like FOREVER until finally it was their turn. Jared marched right up, sat right down and when Santa asked him what he wanted, firmly said "I want CANDY!" He took his candy cane and walked off to go find daddy. Then it was Megan's turn. She took one look at Santa and panicked. She refused to sit on his lap until mom agreed to sit with her. Even then, she only sat for about 2 seconds and refused to talk to him.

Funny story behind the pictures:
This was at a church Christmas party, and my husband was playing Santa. Neither of my kids recognized him. :D

This layout is an example from the class "Totally Touchable Textures"

    This is so cute! Love the different textures and your titlework.
    This is lovely! Really like how well your layout matches your colorful photos!
    Love this page Anna. That tree looks so cute, and I love the button. What a funny story!
    oh my Anna, if i could reach through my screen and touch I would, gorgeous