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Summer Views

Summer Views

The best views of summer have included my feet.

Red White and BBQ Collection Mini
SummerTime Collection
Well Loved Collection Biggie
ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Blended 8201 Super Biggie
ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Basic Shadows 6501
Dynamic Brush Set: Prints 8301
Brush Set: Grunge
ScrapSimple Styles: Aged Folds
ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Sugar Coated 6501

    Elisha, this is wonderful. I love your blending work in the background, and your word art is terrific. Beautiful.
    This is wonderful, very original and fun, way to go!
    This LO made me laugh. I love the background, the titling and the content!
    Aug 17 2009 08:07 AM
    This is just too Cute! Your artwork and blending of the background are great!
    feet, often overlooked, but vital! (lol!)
    Eisha. . . .I "ran" (teehee) to see this layout. . .In the photo strip I caught sight of your layout & KNEW IT WAS YOUR FEET !!!! Yepper I can't remember but I'm thinking when you were on vaco you had somthing posted with them in it (the photo on the left). So I thought "I KNOW those toes". . . .TOO FUNNY !!!!

    Your layout made me SMILE (& that's NOT EASY when I first wake up!!!). . . .I'm LOVING this layout !!!!! Of course it goes without saying HOW TALENTED YOU ARE !!!!!Posted Image
    Such a cute, clever idea! Great job on the LO. Love the way you clustered the word art. And I saved your neat tip on making the sand when I read it in today’s newsletter. Thanks.
    I love this layout! The grungy background is such a perfect contrast for the cute well-defined stamps.

    Do we all like to take pictures of our feet? LOL. I have a bunch of those too. They kind of say, "Yup, I was really there."
    Great layout! Cute concept and looks wonderful.
    Love it, and love seeing it in the NL. I do like the way you made the sand. I'll have to remember that the next time I do a summer LO. nice Elisha.