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Pennies on the Train Tracks

Pennies on the Train Tracks

Products Used:
Mod Bungalow Collection Biggie
Camp Trip Collection Mini
Brush Set: PhotoEdges 4

When we visited Idaho this summer, mom was probably as excited as the boys were for the opportunity to play and explore on the railroad tracks behind Auntie Woo’s house. Mom spent hours and hours at the train tracks as a kid. And for years she would leave pennies on the rails to be smashed by the passing trains. Luckily, a train came by one afternoon so we ran out and left some pennies to be smashed on its return pass. The boys love their smashed pennies and enjoyed learning how to get the conductor to blow the whistle by tugging an arm in the air.

    Great lo Brandy. I love the vintage feel with just a touch of color. I've heard of pennies on the train track, but I've never been about tracks much. I also liked the photo edge. I'm going to go check that out!
    What a great layout and story! I remember doing something similiar when I was a little girl. I bet the boys thought it was so cool when the conductor blew the whistle!
    What a wonderful memory and a wonderful LO to capture the memory. I LOVE what you've done to the photos ... everything! Just lovely!
    What awesome photos and I love how you did your title! We used to do this as kids too :) Love the photo edge!
    Great photos of your boys and, love them in the sepia tones!
    Wow,this is awesome!!! brings back the fun we had on the tracks back in my younger years!
    Brandy I so love your style!!! The rustic look of this is so cool!
    What a great universally-loved memory to scrap! Haven’t we all flattened pennies at some point in our lives? But I think that back when I was a kid (LONG time ago), we did this sort of thing ‘on the sly’ (wink), thinking that our parents would probably not approve.

    I know I carried a flattened penny in my purse way into adult-hood; but somewhere along the way, it has disappeared. I bet it’s around here somewhere . . . . . . everything else is!

    PS - Love the way you did the Train Tracks text.
    oh Sweet! This layout brings back memories! We used to do the same thing in Washington and that Train Tracks Font I think its Bleeding Cowboys if I remember right just makes the layout!
    We lived near a railway line and I remember my children coming back and telling me that they put money on the line. With no parents around. My shattered nerves. I love the layout. Sure brings back memories. Cute photo.