Other images in August 2009 Gallery Contest

Cool Cornwall - (Wish I was back!)

6 Photographs: All taken August 3rd on the Cornish coast!

1) Background Surf

2) In Frame - DH with towelled protection!

3) - DD on surfboard

4) - DH & SIL wading

5) Foreground rocks and sand from another beach picture + Gaussian blur

6) Hovering Kestrel - taken same day at Trevose Head

CFR_KJF_Folded Frame (SG Freebie)

Bow extracted from: MRE_WellLoved_Emb_Special_Frame

Cornish Flag: clip art

Cool Cornwall - Font BUMP Cut from surf in duplicate background photo with Horizontal Mask Text tool - duplicated and coloured and erased to allow white on blue and blue on white. skewed for effect. Simple Pillow bevel added.


Rock inscription: Mawgan Porth - font: Comic Sans MS

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Looks like a beautiful place to visit. I love your beach bg. It's gorgeous, and your other photos as well. I love how you attached the flag to your frame. Fun!

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I love Cornwall spent many a holiday down there. Love how you did the title and the use of the photo for the background.

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What an amazing surf photo you have for your background. Absolutely gorgeous. Love the photo strip you used for the smaller pictures and the way you used the rocks to form the base frame. They look like they were there in real life.

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Thank you for the lovely comments!!!


If you would like to, you can take the whole 3 week tour with us:




Some day I'm going back to add more scrapping, and additional picture comments....... I hope!



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