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Little blue TIFFANY box


© Dee Decker

Little blue TIFFANY box

My DH came home from work the other day and handed me a little blue box tied with white ribbon from Tiffany! As our 15th wedding anniversary had come and gone with little fanfair, I was quite taken by surprise! After I had opened it and oohed and aahed he told me that he had WON IT IN A RAFFEL at work. I told him I really didn't care! I loved it!

    Gosh...I would love to get even just the box from Tiffany's...Lucky You!
    Nice job on your LO, too :)
    I'd be happy with the box as well, lol! Great job making this LO as blue as the box, Happy Anniversary!
    Jun 19 2006 08:48 PM
    Happy Anniversary - love how you tied the LO colours to the Tiffanys box - cool.
    Love the colors! I wouldn't care how he got the box, as long as he got it! LOL!
    Congratulations, you're a lucky lady. Wear it in good health. I like your font work. Very nice!
    Oct 08 2006 10:32 PM
    LOL! Great LO!
    awesome fonts! always inspiring~