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First Job


© Susan Neff

First Job

This is a one-page 8.5x11 layout.

Supplies: Photoshop CS2; paper - Just the Basics by Erica Hite; overlays - Gridlocked by Durin Eberhart and Artsy - Inked by Shalae Tippetts; brush: Play Ball by Mandy Steward; style: Sanded Edge 6301 by Syndee Nuckles; fonts: Fat Hatch and Tough Love by Lettering Delights, Times New Roman

Journaling: First Job
Itís a rite of passage, getting that first job. We never thought your first foray into the land of the employed would be as a Knothole umpire -- you donít like to play ball anymore. But those many seasons at practice are paying dividends now. For two hours you get to hold little kids and their coaches in the palm of your hand - and get paid $25 a game doing it. Not a bad at all. Steven umpiring at MacDonald Commons - Spring 2006 (accent blocks) címon, ump! give us a break, ump! great call, ump!

Thanks for taking a look! :)