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My entry into a speed scrap at Do It Digi.

My adorable dachshund, Buster.

    It's great! Love this kit! I really like how you did his name, so simple, yet so striking.

    What a cute pup Buster is!

    (PS - "Visitors" needs an "i" in the middle.)
    Thanks for catching that! Cuddly was also misspelled.
    Mar 07 2005 10:18 AM
    Love dachsies SO much! Great page!
    Aww, would you look at those eyes! Too cute!
    Great thing about digi...can go in and fix those typos! He is a cutie! TFS!
    May 08 2005 01:22 AM
    Great tribute to your "fierce" watchdog. Dachies may be small, but they are loyal and protective. Does yours burrow under the covers?
    About 30 years ago we had a White German Shepard named Buster
    who has long since passed away.
    We had several White German Shepards dogs over the years and Heidi was last one.
    We now have no dogs .
    I like your layout.