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My Boys

This is Mr. Pugsley and Sir Otis. I used this picture because it is my favorite of the two of them. Mr. Pugsley passed away Feb. 22, 2009, after developing diabetes in December,2007. He was such a brave boy, never running away from the shots he had to have twice a day. He is missed terribly.

For this page, I used the following:

VRA Batik Paper (Collage Blue) for the background. I love the colors and details on the sides.

Word Art: (Designs by Pebbles)dbp_K-9Pals found at Scrapbird.com; Paw Prints: I LUV MY DOG; Flowers: Juliette-kits Douceur d'ete; cuivre; both found at Juliettecreations.com; Flower pot: (MimilouDesigns) MDesigns_garden of imaginations found at TheFrenchFrog.com: Rose: smd-bloggoodies05

I really enjoyed working on this page because I am new to digital scrapbooking, and on this page I experimented with several things I'd learned in "Scrapbook Secrets Revealed", and in the newsletter. I was sooooo thrilled when I succeeded removing the background from the picture of Pugsley and Otis:)

Recommended Comments

:christmas: Thank you for the work you did on the two brothers! I just adore this page. I love dogs and find it hard not to just scrap and scrap my dog (the one we have now and the one we lost several years ago (we had her for 15 years). I can still hear the one we lost sitting on my lap yapping about something or other. And I throughly understand your loss. I think that is what has prompted me to comment. I think it is quite devastating and often misunderstood by those who don't have dogs. But I am one who has had them all my 65 years of life here on earth! So...thank you again. Please keep up your digital scrapbooking work. You are an artist.



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