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Kids in the Hood

Well these are SOME of my G-puppies. . .Their mommy is my oldest daughter, who lives next door (okay it IS a country "next door")


When I sent her this as a "desktop". . .this was the following conversation. . . .


She said. . ."You DON"T have pictures of ALL OF THEM". . .


I replied. . ."Well". . . .



Okay my point being. . .She NEEDS to give me MORE !!!! If I had um. . .I'd scrap'um. . .disappearing-smilie.gif


Thanks so much for taking the time to look. . . .bighug.gif


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Awwww This is Sweet! I laughed at that conversation! I hope she does LIKE her desktop! You are a sweetie Debi!

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Love love love the puppy faces!!! :lovey-smilie::lovey-smilie::lovey-smilie: They're adorable. :kewlpics:

You're doing so well with your layouts :wub: Debi! :congrats3: This is awesome! :runningdog: Hey, ya missed one........... :dunno: .......... Just sayin'.......... ;)

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Love those puppies. Adorable. Love that background and how you interlaced the photos with it and making it look like the stripes from the paper are holding down the photos. Wonderful. Gorgeous.

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